Shows Releasing On OTT Platforms On 27th August, Friday That You Can Enjoy

Shows On OTT Platforms

The weekend is almost here, and we know you are looking forward to binge-watching new shows and movies because we all are too. Do not worry; the OTT platforms are coming up with new shows this Friday, and we cannot wait. Three different shows are coming on different OTT platforms on Friday that you can enjoy watching this weekend. 

1. Titletown High (Season 1) on Netflix

Premiering on 27th August, Titletown High is a sports drama. The show brings to the viewers the locker room scenes and what happens in the football game. Set in the town of Georgia, it is about the game’s rules and winning and losing. Additionally, no show can exist without some romance drama. Moreover, the series explores friendship, emotions, winning, and becoming champions. The series is a documentary about the football program at one of the best schools, Valdosta High. If you are a sports lover and football and drama interest you, Titletown High can be your best bet this weekend.

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2. He’s All That on Netflix

Featuring Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, and Rachael Leigh Cook, He’s All That is a proper romantic movie that you can enjoy with your partner. Additionally, the film is a remake of She’s All That, released way back in 1999. The movie revolves around a social media influencer who goes through an embarrassing break-up on camera. However, she reacts back by getting involved with a very shy and anti-social person. What started as just a challenge ends up with both having feelings for each other. The film is about love, emotions and something you can enjoy this weekend. Besides, Kim Kardashian will make a special appearance in the movie.

3. Engineering Girls (Season 2) on Zee5

Engineering Girls season 1 was loved and appreciated by all. So we are expecting that season 2 will not be any disappointment. Featuring Barkha Singh, Sejal Kumar and Kritika Awasthi, the TVF produced show is a must-watch this weekend. Additionally, the show is all about three girls who do not give up on their dreams and about their friendship.

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