Sharmaji Namkeen: 4 Interesting Facts About Rishi Kapoor’s Last Film

Sharmaji Namkeen

Rishi Kapoor is a name that conjures up a range of emotions. With his charm and acting prowess, the legendary actor, also known as the Romance King of Bollywood, has captured millions of hearts over the course of his four-decade career. Seeing him on the big screen has always been a treat. However, his untimely death on April 30, 2020, broke the hearts of millions. Rishi Kapoor’s fans, unsurprisingly, have been missing him on the big screen since then. But, Sharmaji Namkeen is here to make us fall on love with the legendary Rishi Kapoor yet again.

Watch the trailer of Sharmaji Namkeen here:

Fans will have one more chance to see Rishi Kapoor’s charisma on screen on March 31, when his farewell film Sharmaji Namkeen hits theatres. 

As you gear up to see Sharmaji Namkeen, here are a few things you should know about the movie.

1. Ranbir Kapoor was being considered for the role! 😮

After actor Rishi Kapoor passed away, debutant director Hitesh Bhatia felt ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ would be a forgotten dream until the producers informed him of methods to continue the movie. Moreover, one of which was getting the veteran’s son Ranbir Kapoor to perform his part.

2. Paresh Rawal stepping in to complete the movie ❤️

Excel Entertainment hired the 66-year-old actor early this year to continue the role that Rishi Kapoor had been filming previous to his death last year. 

Moreover, Rawal said finishing the picture, which is advertised as a coming-of-age narrative of a 60-year-old guy, was an ‘emotionally overpowering event.’

3. Rishi Kapoor’s last scene ever! 💔 

Hitesh Bhatia, the filmmaker, remembers how Rishi wanted the final image to be a close-up. Although Hitesh tried to persuade Rishi that it wasn’t necessary, the late actor was convinced it would add to the scene’s appeal. “Eventually, we did the shot, not knowing it would be the last shot of his life,” Hitesh said in an interview.

4. Rishi Kapoor screamed at Juhi Chawla during the shoot 🤯

Juhi reflected on her Sharmaji Namkeen experience, calling it a film that was “so much fun but at the same time, devastating,” and expressing her admiration for the filmmakers’ determination to finish the film no matter what.

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Onset, Juhi had him scolding her all the time. Moreover, Juhi recalled this during one of her interviews. Furthermore, she stated that this time she would begin giggling whenever he became furious with her. “I started giggling when he started scolding.” Working with him was a lot of fun. “Pyaar se daante hai wo,” says the narrator.

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