Saltsnap’s Ultimate 2021 Trends Report-Part 1

SALTSNAP'S trends again

We pushed hard and 2021 is finally here. All we can say is, Good riddance, 2020!

Just a year of being imprisoned in our own homes has led to irreversible lifestyle changes and people are not going back to old habits, as they seem to have died hard. We can’t help but imagine what people and places would be like with prolonged lockdowns.

Fashion, beauty, takeaways, big-fat weddings, over the top holidays; everything that we thought we couldn’t live without are no longer relevant. It’s funny how a single year managed to change people from being greedy and indifferent to conscious and content.

We saw 360-degree lifestyle U-turns going from fast & furious to contemplative & composed. From lockdown cooking, painting, and never-before family time, we saw people succeeding at coming to a complete standstill.

With the online shopping frenzy followed by unbelievable career switches, 2020 showed us a slice of every unimaginable thing.

About time, 2021!

Let’s just say, us millennials have gone back in time, adopting traditional habits in almost every sphere of life including beauty, fashion, work, and play.

We’ve compiled all the trends that surfaced in 2020 and all the trends that will continue to rule 2021. 

Cheers to a year that’s nothing like the last.

-Team SaltSnap

#1 Fashion from Home:

Are you one of those people who’s discovered the absolute freedom of expressing your fashion statement from home, with no one to judge?


If not, we recommend you try out this trend everyone’s secretly enjoying. Whether you’ve organised a personal ramp walk inside your closet, or just spent hours going over all the outfits you didn’t manage to make friends with, ‘Fashion from Home’ is a 2021 trend where you can dress up, doll up, and just pair all your clothes and accessories for the pure pleasure of just yourself, and maybe Instagram.

Here are 3 quirks of Fashion from Home that we will get to see and experience in 2021:

Loungewear everywhere:

Ever since people started to practically LIVE inside their loungewear in 2020, every other form of attire seems to have become a long-forgotten chapter in history.  Much to the eyesore of self-proclaimed fashion police everywhere, the Fashion from Home trend in 2021 has taken on an unexpected quirk.

Boomers have reported men and women in baggy, seemingly homeless clothing and visibly missing underwear doing the rounds of supermarkets, and virtually every place where people were once seen in in ridiculously uncomfortable outfits.

Beauty Next Door:

The next Fashion from Home quirk has been the outright rejection of beauty branding as more people go for local shopping.

We spoke to Tina who lived half her life in Mumbai and moved to Thailand before picking up a neat little British accent in the UK. She was of the opinion, “I’m amazed to find out that I could actually pick up a mouldy old Zara shirt out of my closet, strut about in it and nobody batted an eye.” She appeared distressed with her D&G shoes and LV bag on as her cheek fillers seemed to stretch to breaking point.


People have been hoarding everything they can get their hands on from 90% discount sales in local malls at the expense of shut-shop brands.

Things have not been looking up for Tina ever since she managed to gather a ton of abuse for her dyson hair roller and Gucci store selfies on social media.

#2 Endless Zoom calls:

It was awkward enough having to make eye contact in-person and not knowing what to respond to small talk. The next trend that has made its way to 2021 is something we’ve seen more than enough of, last year.

Zoom calls will be a regular affair in people’s homes in 2021. After all the hilarious fails & memes we laughed hard over, people have finally got the hang of conducting productive conversations without getting caught on camera wearing underpants beneath a suit.

From endless work calls, reunion calls where a hundred different people talk at each other from barely visible, minuscle tiles, online dance and makeup classes, to quick chats with friends and family throughout the day; zoom calls will rule 2021.

#3 It’s only Natural:

More people are waking up from their drug-store beauty trance sleep to paraben and sulphate free all-natural personal care products. Holistic start-up beauty brands are stunned at the sudden rise in demand including reviews coming in from global warming sceptics. 

Shunned and overshadowed by both international beauty brands and their devoted followers, these small but precious products and brands are slowly getting the spotlight they always deserved.


That’s all folks for part 1 of our ultimate 2021 trends report. Stay tuned for part 2 to get all the scoop on snacking, technology trends, and more.