Rumors Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Dating Again

Rumors Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Dating Again

Kim Kardashian is always on the headlines for one reason or another. She is an American socialite who gained popularity through the Reality show Keeping Up with Kardashians. Although she gained attention for the first time as a stylist of Paris Hilton, but widely due to the tape which was released in 2007. Now one can call her a successful businesswoman who owns numerous brands with her name. She was married to American rapper Kanye West. But recently they split their ways apart. She had filed for divorce after almost 7 years of marriage.

Kim Kardashian SNL Debut

Kim did actually step out of her comfort zone and performed during Saturday Night Live show. She was pretty great and her monologue delivery was excellent. She also spits out some straight facts about her life and family. It was funny and she proved to us all that she is much more than we thought. She went on roasting herself about the sex tape leak and even spoke about her sister’s surgeries. Later she touched on her family’s failed political ambitions too. Yes, she was talking about Kanye West and Caitlyn Jenner. And she literally killed her debut on SNL.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Kim’s debut on SNL was a great start for her. Meanwhile, we got to see onscreen romance too. Kim and Pete actually kissed on the show while playing the role of Jasmine and Alladin onscreen. We also got to see their PDA pics too. We got to see the new couples holding hands in California desert city. Photos of Pete’s b’day were also seen on the same day. Sources say that Kris Jenner has also approved about their relationship. And Kris Jenner has known Pete for years and has also invited him to their Christmas festivals too.

This is Kim’s first public appearance with her new partner after filing a divorce with Kanye West. Machine Gun Kelly was also asked about this hot new couple in Hollywood. But he chose to remain silent and smiled instead. Everyone is happy for Kim and Pete. Although they haven’t put on any labels on their relationship, it’s almost confirmed that they are into each other.

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