Restaurants Banning Delivery Boys From Using Washrooms Irked Citizens

Restaurants Banning Delivery Boys

During this pandemic, everyone ordered food online instead of going out. The workload of the delivery executives delivering the meals to our doorsteps increased as the number of orders increased. While the workers continued with their hard work, there have been several reports of discriminatory practices against the delivery executives. Moreover, one of them is banning delivery boys from using washrooms.

Additionally, almost a week back, a food court/mall in Udaipur faced flak for banning the delivery executives from using the building’s lift.

A restaurant is now being chastised after posting a sign banning delivery boys from using washrooms.

Nonetheless, some people attacked the restaurant and others countered that establishments aren’t always able to allow so many delivery partners to use client toilets.

A Twitter user and journalist published an image earlier this month of a note stating that Swiggy and Zomato executives were not permitted to use the elevator and must instead use the stairs. According to the user, the structure referenced in the tweet is a food court/mall in Udaipur.

Also, the poster has gone viral, and netizens have lambasted the building authorities’ prejudiced stance.

“This is totally rubbish,” one person remarks. Delivery executives are humans, not robots, and they should be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Moreover, @zomato @swiggy, please inform your delivery executives that if they notice something like this, they must contact the customer and ask them to come down the stairs to pick up the order.” 

”Glad you brought this up.. shocking acceptance of this practise in so-called educated, upwardly mobile, and forward-thinking sections of society!” wrote another. It’s heinous.”

Moreover, this is not the first time we have seen discrimination against delivery executives. Is it fair to them? Do share your views with us on our Instagram page and we will make sure to tag you!

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