Windows 11: New Designs For MS Paint And Photos App

Windows 11

The introduction of Windows 11 is not far from today, and Microsoft is looking to make changes to the previous versions of Windows. New designs are in preparation for different Microsoft applications, including MS Paint, Photos. Additionally, Microsoft is currently working on making new designs of other major apps as well. These include Office, Notepad, Calculator.

Windows 11

Microsoft has unveiled the new appearance of both MS Paint and Photos. MS Paint is getting rid of the old ribbon menu. In place of that, it is introducing a Fluent header. The look of the Fluent header can remind the users of a new File Explorer. Besides, the header contains all the essential options that one needs to use in MS Paint. These options are “File,” “Edit,” different brushes, and various others. In addition, you can also view many icons that are simple to identify and used for performing simple tasks in paint. You can perform multiple functions like alternative uses of pencil and brush, copying and pasting of images or texts, among many others.

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Windows 11

New Apps For Windows 11 Could May Arrive Soon

The Photos App, one of the most loved apps on Windows, will also see changes in its appearance in the new Windows 11. There will be significant improvements in the editor tool in the app. Besides, these newly introduced tools will work similarly to the Android or IOS tools, thus promising worthy changes for the users. Moreover, there will be changes in the interface of the Photos App. In addition, attention will also be paid to make the app a better experience for the users.

Additionally, Windows 11 may make its first appearance in the market in the month of October. Besides, reports suggest that Microsoft might also release the updated version for asking for feedback from the users. This will be done to improve the new Windows 11 before launching it in the market. Microsoft may also bring stock apps for the new version. Different apps like Teams 2.0, Outlook may also launch in the coming months.

The computer geeks may be going gaga over the new version. It would be interesting to see the response that Windows will get for the latest version.

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