Reasons Why India Desperately Needs Portugal’s Remote Working Law

Portugal's Remote Working Law

Employers seem to believe that working from home is a vacation for all of us. That hasn’t worked out well for employee mental health, and Portugal has admitted as much. Moreover, Portugal’s Remote Working Law might be an array of hope for other countries.

In Portugal, people who work from home should rejoice since the government has passed a law prohibiting bosses from contacting employees after hours. So now, it’s easier to work remotely from Portugal. 

The ruling Socialist Party of Portugal has approved laws that would make working from home a thing of the past. Employers who contact employees outside of office hours may face penalties under the new rules that will make remote work in Portugal easier.

Companies will also be required to contribute to the cost of remote working expenses, such as higher electricity and internet bills. Making working hours in Portugal a tad easier for everyone. 

However, the changes to Portugal’s labour regulations are limited in scope: they do not apply to businesses with fewer than ten employees.

The new laws specify that companies can now be fined if they contact employees outside of their typical working hours. Employers are also prohibited from watching their workers work from home.

Here’s why Indian companies need laws like Portugal’s Remote Working Law.

1. Not 8/10 but 24 Hour Workday

You may feel obligated to compensate for your absence from the office by being available 24 hours a day to answer emails or handle difficulties. That’s a particular issue for entrepreneurs who can’t readily disconnect from their work lives. But what if your company never lets you rest thinking you’re working from your bedroom? 

Portugal's Remote Working Law

2. Leaving house is a Dream now

For some of us, stay-at-home orders have become very literal.  Has it ever happened that you tried to go out for a drink and your boss immediately texted you some urgent work? Sometimes, it does look like it could have been done tomorrow. But for Indians, it’s hard to question our bosses. 

Portugal's Remote Working Law

3. Work done? You’re Procastinating!

When it comes to WFH, completing the work is always procrastination because there’s never-ending emails, WhatsApp messages and even ‘urgent’ tasks from your senior. 

4. One-man army

If you’re used to phoning the IT department whenever something doesn’t work, you’re in for a world of hurt if your home computer, software, or internet connection breaks down. The worst thing is when your boss expects you to be a writer, IT expert, marketing expert and whatnot!

Portugal's Remote Working Law

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5. Never-Ending Deadlines

Sending an urgent email on Friday evening should be declared a sin! It is totally true when your boss expects you to complete an urgent task by Monday morning. It clearly means that your weekend is done already. 

Portugal's Remote Working Law

If you agree with any of the above-mentioned reasons, comment below! 

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