Real-Life SpongeBob And Patrick Star Spotted Together


Millennials grew up watching cartoons on TV. Be it on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, most of our school days started with waking up and watching tv before going to school. Those really were golden days. Powerpuff Girls saving the world or watching Dexter doing something in the laboratory, we never stopped watching. SpongeBob Square Pants was one of the popular shows of those days and it’s available on Amazon Prime.


Real-life SpongeBob and Patric Star were spotted in the Atlantic Ocean. It was found by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Also, they look similar to the cartoon characters which were created in 1999. Meanwhile, Christopher Mah tweeted the image to showcase the resemblance of the characters to real-life ones.

Real Life SpongeBob

Christopher is a biologist who is specialized in Sea Stars. According to him, Sea Sponges are usually orange or white. They are not found in yellow color as depicted in the cartoon. But this sea sponge is yellow in color as it belongs to the genus Hertwigia. Also, the Pink Seastar right beside him is called a Chondraster star. Meanwhile, he also said that Chondraster stars usually eat the sea sponges.

Lets Dive Back to Memory Lane

The First Episode of SpongeBob was aired on 1 May 1999. It’s an American animated television series that was created by Stephen Hillenburg. Meanwhile, this show was aired on Nickelodeon. This series showcases the adventure of marine creatures. SpongeBob and his aquatic friends stay in a fictional underwater city called Bikini Bottom. Also, this series is the 5th longest-running American series.

This show revolves around SpongeBob and his aquatic friends. SpongeBob’s enthusiasm for life is so fun to see. He really wants to get a boating license but always ends up falling in it. He has a best friend named Patrik Star who is kind of dim-witted. This show is one of the best ones which was aired at that time. The show has bright colors which makes it a happy show. Would still recommend this series for the newbies. So it will be a fun show to watch with your kids. Also, It’s available on Amazon Prime.

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