Rasputin Kerala Dance Video has the internet hooked – Gets hate, unexpected twist!


Naveen K Razak, a Medical Student from the Government Medical College of Thrissur, Kerala posted a fun little Rasputin dance video with his collegemate Janaki Omkumar, on Instagram. Little did he know that the views on it would explode.

That’s the story of every viral video these days. But this particular ‘Rasputin’ dance challenge deserved all the attention it got. The two talented dancers displayed some fabulous moves. And the internet couldn’t take their eyes off of this duo who broke a leg on Boney M’s 7” version of Rasputin.

As expected, compliments started pouring in even from celebrities. The video quickly moved out of their home state and across the nation. But nasty comments began to pour in as well.

This truly fab dance routine video of two energetic medical students in their scrubs has now taken on a communal angle.

A section of the Internet quickly declared the act as a ‘dance jihaad’. It is currently bearing the brunt of a communal backlash.

The male dancer Naveen K Razak is a Muslim and the Female dancer Janaki Omkumar is a Hindu. Which is why people began posting nasty, communal comments on the video and spewing hate online, as usual.

All we can say is that we thoroughly enjoyed watching them bust some moves. We wish to see more of such enthusiasm and happiness exuding from the youth of the nation!

Watch the Rasputin Instagram video:

Unexpected Twist – Support from the Kerala Government:

The viral dance video garnered hate from few sections of the society who are notorious for spewing communal poison on everything under the sun.

But in an unexpected twist, fellow medical college students from Kerala supported the two stars of the video and the trend itself.

The Government of Kerala also jumped in on the popularity of the viral dance challenge. They utilised the opportunity to spread Covid vaccination awareness through a Rasputin Dance challenge of animated vaccine bottles.

Watch this cute little awareness video here:

More Medico Students came in Support by trending #stepagainsthatred

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