Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi: Seema Pahwa’s Directorial Debut

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi

This social drama, Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi directed by actress Seema Pahwa, revolves around an extended family coping with the death of their patriarch. Titular Ram Prasad (Naseeruddin Shah) dies while doing what he loves most in life: playing the piano. His death brings his children, wives, and children, as well as uncles and aunts, to the house as they prepare for the 13-day mourning period.

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi

We see glimpses of their broken bonding, their laughter, and their sorrows over the next 13 days as they cope with the loss of their father. Meanwhile, the bereaved matriarch (Supriya Pathak) is silently concerned that none of her children shares her grief; instead, they spend their time arguing over rituals.
Moreover, who will repay their father’s loan, who will look after their mother, or who will gossip about each other? Are they, however, completely unaffected by their father’s death?

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Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi comes merely just days after Pagglait releases on Netflix. Pagglait, like the Seema Pahwa film, dealt with a family grieving the loss of a loved one throughout the 13-day mourning period. Both films are set in Uttar Pradesh. Both of them share humour and emotions, and have the plotline of a house in financial distress.

Seema Pahwa’s perfectly sober debut with Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi

What Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi excels at is using its colourful the cast of characters. It perfectly demonstrates no matter how full of flaws they are, family members cannot be dismissed. A person has a caring or selfish side that manifests itself depending on the situation. The bittersweet family dynamics between siblings, partners, and other relatives is portrayed in a very natural and heartwarming way. There are moments of affection and concern, as well as moments of vehement indignation directed at the parents, one of whom is deceased. Questions about each other’s duties are constantly arising, and responsibility is another concern. Gossip reigns supreme in the kitchen, and it seeps into the bedrooms. Pahwa has made the connection that viewers who grew up in extended families would be able to relate to.

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi

After a night of drinking, the brothers remember their childhood album, which is a pleasant scene. The scene in which the eldest sibling expresses her displeasure with her parents’ treatment of her is also noteworthy. All these bits and pieces were relatable to people who grew up in an extended family. Moreover, it clearly showcases what happens when a loved one dies. Also, the family politics, their different concerns were a true indication of the actual scenario.

With Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi, Seema Pahwa makes an assured debut in a film that you can watch with your family and may also be about your family. On Netflix, you can watch Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi.

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