Places To Visit This Winter, Pack Your Bags This Holiday Season!

Places to visit this winter

Winter has a wonderful quality to it, and it’s easy to lose sight of it. To immerse yourself in the true spirit of the season, travel to regions where winter in India is much more than a cool, relaxing breeze, and where snow blankets the landscape. Also, there are numerous places to visit this winter.

There are numerous snowy delights in India, and if you want to celebrate winter where it snows the most, pack your bags and get ready to visit these locations RIGHT NOW.

Check out some of the most popular places to visit this winter!


Gulmarg, one of Jammu and Kashmir’s most renowned tourist spots, attracts visitors looking for breathtaking views of snow-covered hills. It is located at an elevation of around 9,000 feet above sea level, making it an excellent choice for winter travel and skiing. A big number of local and international visitors come to learn how to ski or simply hit the slopes. 

Places to visit this winter

Gulmarg is a year-round resort, although it is especially beautiful in the winter. The setting is established by the snow-covered large mountain range in front, which is best seen from the gondola. Gulmarg is the most popular skiing resort in India, which thus puts it high on the travel map in India.


Manali, which is swarming with tourists in the summer, retains its lustre in the winter. In reality, it is one of India’s most happening snow-covered towns.
Moreover, in the winter, not only is the main town fully in snow, but the nearby higher passes, particularly Rohtang, become a hotspot for snow-themed leisure activities.


Auli is one of the best spots in India to see and enjoy the snow, with breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas and the possibility to learn to ski. Also, the oak and deodar trees are full with a blanket of white in the winter, making the entire topography enchanting.


Mussoorie, often known as the Queen of the Hills, is located in the Garhwal Himalayan Ranges.

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The Kempty Falls, Company Garden, and Mall Road may all be found here. Don’t forget to see Camel Back Road, Lake Mist, and Mossy Falls while you’re there. Mussoorie, the Queen of the Hills, is a snow paradise in India during the winters, and its beauty is unfathomable!

Places to visit this winter


Chopta is a beautiful valley surrounded by evergreen forest. It is located in Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath wildlife reserve.

Moreover, the nature, as well as the snow-white beauty of this location, is a sight to behold. Commuters in Chopta face severe snowfall in January, making it difficult to go about.

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