Oxygen Langar Organized by Gurudwara In Ghaziabad

A free "oxygen langar" has been established at a gurdwara in Ghaziabad's Indirapuram for Covid-19 patients who need it.

Oxygen Langar
Credits: The Hindu

A free “oxygen langar” has been established at a gurdwara in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram for Covid-19 patients who need it. The facility, which is operated by the non-profit Khalsa Help International and can accommodate around 80 people at a time, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the gurdwara grounds.

According to Gurpreet Singh Rummy (42), president of the gurdwara committee and founder of the non-profit, they do not currently provide oxygen cylinder refilling or take-away, and patients must come to the gurdwara to receive the service.

“We started providing this oxygen langar about eight days ago to help patients. Mainly the ones who are I need of oxygen and are not able to find it anywhere. We have set up a tent in a 500-metre area in the gurdwara premises for patients. Also, we have a pipeline connecting to two-three large oxygen cylinders,” he said.

Moreover, around 25 beds have been set up. It is easier for patients to relax and get their oxygen levels back on track. Volunteers transport oxygen cylinders to cars for those who are unable to reach the facility.

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’Oxygen Langars’ becomes a ray of hope for many

“When a patient comes in, we check their oxygen level through an oximeter. Moreover, we immediately get them set up on a bed. We have people coming in from as far as Kanpur and Ludhiana here,” he said.

Other smaller gurdwaras, such as the Singh Sabha Gurdwaras in Indirapuram and Model Town, aided by NGOs and student volunteers, provided oxygen langar and cylinder refills. 

At Model Town, students and activists are collaborating while the Indirapuram gurdwara set up the gas langar with the help of the NGO Khalsa Help International.

We hope that more people come together and help each other during this unprecedented time. After all, we are in this together!

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