Onam 2022: Try These 6 Traditional Dishes This Festive Season!

Onam 2022: Try These 6 Traditional Dishes This Festive Season

Onam 2022 is here! It is a festival observed during the Chingam month of the Malayalam calendar. It is distinguished by activities like creating flower rangolis, dancing, and many other things. 

The 10-day festival’s centerpiece is Sadya, which entails savoring each taste of traditional south Indian cuisine while eating it on a banana leaf. This year, Onam is from August 30 to September 8. 

A mouthwatering 24-dish vegetarian multi-course meal called Onam Sadya is there. Without using any cutlery, the meal is typically consumed while seated on the floor.

It is essential to understand that the word “Onam” means “rice harvest.” It commemorates the legendary King Mahabali’s return home. According to Vaishnava mythology, he was a good-hearted king who oversaw all three worlds. Kerala has experienced its golden age during his reign. 

Going by Indian traditions, food is an integral part of Onam’s festivities.

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Check out these 6 dishes that you can try this Onam 2022!

1. Avial

Avial is a typical dish in the cuisines of Udupi, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Coconut oil and curry leaves are the ones that makes this thick mixture of vegetables and coconut the best. Avial is a crucial element of the Sadya, the Keralite people’s vegetarian feast.

Avial Onam

2. Rice Puttu

Rice flour and coconut are the main ingredients of Kerala’s most popular and traditional breakfast dish, puttu. The conventional accompaniments with puttu include kadala curry or sugar, pazham, and yellow banana.

rice puttu Onam

3. Pumpkin Erissery

It is a light curry with subtly sweet flavors full of pumpkin, cowpeas, and coconut. It is a traditional meal from Kerala which is special throughout Onam Sadya. Moreover, consume it with rice and sambar, steaming rice brings out the flavours to their fullest.

pumpkin eriserry Onam

4. Varutharacha Sambhar

Sambar is a very well-known dish in south India. Varutharacha Sambar is significantly different from the others. Moreover, in this, they roast the coconut until it turns brown.

Varutharacha Sambhar Onam

5. Lady’s Finger Curry

It is a traditional side dish which is a must have during big feasts in Kerala. On your platter, khichdi will for sure be there at any traditional event in Kerala, from birthdays to religious holidays. Making the khichdi with Lady’s finger also uses yogurt.

Lady’s finger curry Onam

6. Banana Chips

Banana chips are made from slices that are deep-fried or let dry out. You can either dip it in sugar or honey for a sweet flavour. Also, for salty, or spicy flavour, you can deep-fry in oil and spices for a salty and/or spicy flavour.

Banana chips onam

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