OM The Battle Within: Check Out The Trailer Here!

On Friday afternoon, the trailer for Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanjana Sanghi’s action film OM: The Battle Within launched! Aditya plays a supersoldier on a journey to save his father and clear his name, while Sanjana plays a soldier herself in the film. The film, is by Kapil Verma. Moreover, be ready to witness strong stunts and heavy-duty action sequences. 

The teaser unveils at a lavish event in Mumbai by the actors, after which it’s widely viral on social media.

Jackie Shroff, who plays a nuclear scientist, introduces the trailer by emphasising the importance of a nuclear test. We then see him being taken, and a news report wonders if he was kidnapped or if he collaborated with a foreign entity. “This task can be performed by just one warrior, and his name is Om,” Ashutosh Rana states in a voice-over. 

Aditya Roy Kapur as the titular soldier is there in the trailer in a Rambo-like persona. Before having a shot and falling overboard, we witness him climbing into a boat (from where, though) and confronting bad people in a hand-to-hand battle.

Om awakens in a hospital, and the character of Sanjana Sanghi (a leather-clad superspy) informs us that he has amnesia. She repels the assassins dispatched to assassinate him. Om is the son of Jackie Shroff’s nuclear scientist character. Additionally, he promises his mother that he would not only bring his father back. However, that he will also show that he is not a traitor.

Check out the trailer of OM The Battle Within trailer here:

Aditya leaps, kicks, and punches evil people into oblivion as explosions blaze around him. Moreover, even brings down a chopper with his own hands, something even Captain America couldn’t do.

Aditya’s action avatar and shredded physique for the role were lauded by fans. “Aditya looks incredibly nice in these types of jobs,” one person said. “Perfect figure.” “Powerful performers make movies more powerful, nailed it, Aditya,” read another comment. Many people noticed how similar it seemed to earlier Ahmed Khan’s works. One comment said, “Giving vibes of War + Baaghi 3 + Saaho.”

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Additionally, in the trailer, chemistry between Aditya and Sanjana is highly great. 

Prakash Raj, Ashutosh Rana, and Prachi Shah star in the film is by Kapil Verma. Sanjana is making a bold move by tackling the action genre for the first time. Moreover, OM The Battle Within is produced by Zee Studios, Shaira Khan, and Ahmed Khan, is due to hit theatres on July 1st.

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