When Will Ola Electric Scooter Be Launched? Find All The Answers Here

Electric Scooter

Ola is planning to launch its much-awaited electric scooter on 15 August 2021, which is not too far away. Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, today announced the date of the launch. Additionally, the other details of the specifications of the scooters are still awaited.

Bhavish Aggarwal shared the information on Twitter, informing about the launching of the scooters. Besides, he also extended thanks to everyone who has registered for the electric scooters. He also said that more details about the prices and features of the scooters would also come to the customers’ information soon.

Electric Scooter

The electric scooter will be available to the customers in 10 colours. Besides, the information is already there in the market that the scooters will be keyless. They would also be providing “segment leading” boot space. The scooters are to use lithium-ion batteries in their application. Moreover, it also promises a driving range of approx 150 km.

Ola Electric Scooter Will Reveal The Features Soon

The images of the scooters give an idea that the display could be large than expected. The scooter display also had the feature of Bluetooth connection, which will help the riders connect their phones with the same. Ola Electric also announced that they would be delivering the scooters to the buyers instead of the traditional practice.

ola scooter release display

Ola electric received close to 1 lakh registrations in 24 hours on 15 July when it opened the bookings for the scooters. The company has already suggested that the mission is to make these scooters easily accessible to people from all corners of the country. Hence, we can expect aggressive pricing from the same. Besides, these scooters will also be available in the global market.
These will be manufactured in the factory that is being built in Tamil Nadu.

Additionally, the first phase of the Ola Future Factory will reach its finish soon. Besides, its operation will also begin soon. In addition, we can expect that the total capacity of the factory could only start from the following year.

Customers are looking forward to the launch of the scooter on 15 August,i.e., the Independence Day of India.

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