Netflix Originals: Shows That Are Based On Real Life Events

Netflix Originals

There’s something for everyone in Netflix originals content catalogue, which includes some fantastic TV shows based on true stories. Also, along with a variety of documentary shows and frightening true crime investigations, Netflix’s originals feature semi-fictionalized renderings of some of history’s most significant events and individuals. Moreover, true stories you may have never heard of before. Also, it’s more proof that, occasionally, truth is also even more interesting than the fantasy could be!

As a bonus, many of these shows are miniseries. However, some are longer-term commitments, so there are plenty of options whether you’re looking for a weekend binge-watch or something to spread out over a longer period!

Check these 5 Netflix Originals that are based on real life events!

1. Tinder Swindler 

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix is consistently fascinating and surprisingly inspiring. Moreover, telling the nearly incredible story of three women who went on a dating app in search of Prince Charming. 

Based on a real-life story, the man has seduced and swindled young women for millions. Also, is a fugitive from justice in several countries.

2. Inventing Anna

The true storey of Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin), the false millionaire Russian-German heiress who duped New York’s elite socialites into believing a fiction. Moreover, she also defrauded more than $200,000 in the process, is told in Netflix’s Inventing Anna. Also, it’s safe to say that we’re completely engrossed in the series.

3. Delhi Crime

The first season of Delhi Crime, an international Emmy-winning procedural drama, is based on the Nirbhaya Case, a terrible gang-rape assault that occurred in Delhi in 2012. The series centres on the police investigation into the heinous crime. 

The performance begins with the discovery of a battered and naked couple on the side of the road near a drain. Also, wounded. Additionally, the victim was soon seen as raped by six males who run away from the crime scene. Moreover, sparking a complicated inquiry.

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4. Narcos 

In this raw and gritty original series, Netflix chronicles the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the dramatic real-life stories of drug kingpins from the late 1980s. Moreover, the steps done by law enforcement in the war on drugs, including the targeting of notorious and powerful persons such as drug lord Pablo Escobar are also in recount. 

As efforts to control cocaine, one of the world’s most lucrative commodities, the many parties engaged — legal, political, law enforcement, military, and civilian — clash.

5. Alias Grace 

Based on the 1996 Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, Alias Grace. The story follows the tale of young Grace Marks, a poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant in Upper Canada. Also, she is accused and convicted of the 1843 murder of her employer and his housekeeper. Moreover, James McDermott, a stablehand, was also found guilty of the crime.

Moreover, Grace is to live in jail after McDermott is dies. Also, making her one of Canada’s most notorious women of the time. The plot is based on true events from the nineteenth century.

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