Navarasa: Depiction Of Nine Emotions Done Right?


According to the Scriptures, humans often show nine expressions. They are also called Navarasa. They are shringaara, haasya, karuna, roudra, veera, bhayaanaka, bheebhatsya, adbhutha and shaantha. This Anthology series is an effort made to show these emotions. There are nine films in this which portrays 9 different rasa’s. The series had an excellent casting with popular directors. The artists and technicians worked without payment and the earnings through this series would go to dailywage workers. This series is available on Netflix.

The trailer of Navarasa was really promising. After the trailer was released, the expectations from this series was high. Every episode was a short film that presented each emotion. Every episode is almost 30 minutes long but the last episode is a bit longer. As a viewer, not all short films had an impact on the audience. Some failed to capture and present these Rasa’s. As stories are short and not interconnected, the audience might have a problem with connecting to the story and characters.

Diving inside Navarasa

Revathi in Edhiri is spectacular. Her acting is so beautiful. While the film isn’t that great and is quite unconvincing, the concept is interesting but it’s quite wordy and fails to have an impact on the audience. Summer of 92 depicts Haasya Rasa. It does a decent job but ain’t fully satisfying . Project Agni which is actually a science fiction is moderate to watch. Inmai episode which potrays fear and Payasam episode which shows disgust was quite good. But when it comes to the rest of the episodes, none were eye catching. Thunintha Pin and Peace were other two short films in this series. Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru which is about Sringaara Rasa is also nothing but moderate. Roudhram is one of the best films in this anthology.

Techically this series is just beautiful. The background score and cinematography is incredible. But writings of few episodes were weak. Despite having an incredible casting, the series was unable to make its mark in the heart of the audience. What’s surprising is that the Actors have done a good job, but due to the storyline, it lacked the effect. The places where the scenes were shot were astonishing. The emotions were not explored enough. The story wasn’t sharp enough to make the audience invest emotionally. Meanwhile, this series has stunning performances and moments. But its stories lacked sentiment which makes it a mediocre series.

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