Myntra’s Logo Controversy: All the explicit details

myntra Logo controversy article

The e-commerce brand Myntra changed its logo after receiving grievances that the original logo was hostile against women.

The Flipkart owned fashioned brand Myntra was accused by an activist who filed a complaint with the Mumbai Cyber police. Last year in December, Naaz Patel, founder of the NGO known as Avesta Foundation, complained against the logo naming it as hostile for women, provoking the E-business site to settle on a significant choice.

In her complaint, Naaz Patel had requested the scrapping of the logo by Myntra and suitable action against the firm. In response to the case, Myntra said it will change its logo across all the platforms.

naaz patel myntra
in Pic: Naaz ekta Patel the activist who filed a comaplaint against myntra

According to reports, Naaz Patel’s legal lawyers, Rakesh Rathod and Vijaylaxmi Khopade, in their objection expressed that “the general situation of the shading plan” of the letter ‘M’ in Myntra’s logo was “profane to eyes of any individual of ordinary reasonability”, quieting it was “purposeful position of the shading plan to “portray a lady’s vagina and such is again featured with shading plan of portraying her legs spread out intriguingly”.

The lawyers added that such “depiction of a lady and her reproductive organs… as an object of desire” would “degenerate the personalities of the watchers and even energize them” and “this will prompt further exploitation of ladies in our general public”.

myntra new logo

To a typical eye, the logo would show up as the letter set ‘M’ with various shades of pink and orange, however, a few activists chose to drop the brand as they discovered it to be hostile to ladies. Online media savages joined the shock fleeting trend and marked the logo as “foul and stigmatizing ladies”.

Social Media was flooded with memes regarding this controversy. Check out a few of them:

As responsible citizens of this country, SaltSnap wants to give a piece of its mind to all parties embroiled in this controversy:

Advice for Myntra and organizations:

You always need to keep in mind the pretension of Indian clients and have a cycle to ensure that logos are screened before they are utilized.

Advice For Indian public:

Stop being so fixated on sex to the point of costing an organization Lakhs of rupees in upgrade. Organizations can lose a ton of cash on the off chance that it gets related with negative things in the brain of its clients.


Which is why Myntra the e-commerce business quickly went into action and redesigned the symbol with the new one.

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