Top 5 Amazing Bookstores In India That Are A Must-Visit For All The Bibliophiles

Bookstores In India

Bookstores are full of wonder, and only the book-lovers can describe the feeling of being there. Every book has a different story to tell. Besides, every person visiting these stores has a story to share, and only the readers know what the person wishes to say. Books play an integral role in shaping our lives, and bookstores are no less than a heaven for many. India has several iconic bookstores that are visited by thousands every day. 

Iconic Bookstores In India That You Should Visit

1. Bahrisons (New Delhi)

As every book holds a story, so does every book store. The Bahrisons, in Khan Market, Delhi, came into existence after the country’s partition in 1947. The owners of the store came to the country as refugees from their place near Lahore. Since 1953, the Bahrisons story has been no less than a tale of love and romance with books. The bibliophiles love the store, and to date, the store is loved for the values that it upholds. 

2. Faqir Chand and Sons (New Delhi)

Faqir Chand and Sons bookstore is another gem in the streets of Khan Market. After partition, the owners came to the country, and now the bookstore is taken care of by the fourth generation of the family. The store holds thousands of books, and with every book, a thousand emotions. 

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3. Blossom Book House (Bengaluru)

Bengaluru may be a modern place, but some stores have a history hidden in them. One such book store in this modern city is the Blossom Book House. Opened in 2002 in the famous Church Street, it is a three-storeyed store with magic in every storey. The place sold only second-hand books in its initial years. However, as time passed, it also started selling the latest books. Since then, it has become one of the favourites of all the bibliophiles in the city.

4. Kitab Khana (Mumbai)

This bookstore in Mumbai is heaven for all the readers in the city and visitors. You can read poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and everything that your heart wants. Additionally, you can also enjoy your book with a cup of tea or coffee and something to munch on in the nearby cafe. Kitab Khana is famous for hosting events, shows, and authors.

5. Mayday BookStore (New Delhi)

Located in the streets of Shadipur in West Delhi, Mayday Bookstore is a place not only for readers but artists, and writers as well. Moreover, you can also visit this small bookstore for workshops, book launches and enjoy a series of intellectual discussions and discourses. An ideologically left bookstore, the Mayday offers exciting reads on leftist literature. It is a must-visit place if you are a bibliophile in Delhi.

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