MS Dhoni’s First Look From His Debut Series Atharva Is Here!

MS Dhoni’s First Look

Virzu Studio, in collaboration with MIDAS Deals, has released the motion poster for its upcoming mega-budget graphic novel ‘Atharva – The Origin,’ giving comic fans and M.S. Dhoni’s first look as a reason for fans to rejoice. 

The official motion poster features MS Dhoni’s first look as a superhero and warrior commander. It was unveiled on Wednesday by the cricketer on his official Facebook page.

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The motion poster portrays a rugged-looking Dhoni. Additionally, giving fans a glimpse into the universe of Atharva. Also, a sneak peek into the first appearance of the cricketer as a superhero.

Check out MS Dhoni’s first look here!

The creators laboured carefully with a team of artists for several years to build the mythical realm of Atharva in order to provide readers with an immersive experience.

Ramesh Thamilmani is the curator of this graphic novel. Also, M V M Vel Mohan is the director and the producer is Vincent Adaikalaraj. Also, Ashok Manor, transports readers to a different universe and features over 150 lifelike illustrations. Additionally, they present the gripping, racy narrative.

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Talking about the project, the former India captain and Chennai Super Kings skipper says: “I am so happy to be a part of this project and it is indeed an exciting venture, Atharva – The Origin”.

Thamilmani expressed his thoughts as follows: “We’ve been working for years to bring a vision, an idea, to life. Moreover, to turn it into a masterpiece, as you’ll see. M.S. Dhoni’s portrayal of Atharva, who fully embraces the role, excites and delights me.”

“Each of the characters and artwork in the novel, including M.S. Dhoni’s, character is done after lengthy research. Moreover, every facet of the world is there with great care to detail,” he said at the end.

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