Mrs Sri Lanka 2021 decrowned by Mrs. World on Live TV: Injury and arrest – Watch the Video!

mrs sri lanka

Something controversial and bizarre happened in the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant.

While the goof-up entertained and puzzled viewers online, pageant organisers weren’t impressed, and they went ahead and made sure the culprit was arrested.

Here’s what happened. Pushpika de Silva, a gorgeous lady won the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant last week.

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Enter the ‘Mrs World’ beauty pageant which is essentially the parent pageant of Mrs Sri Lanka.

In a literal cat fight like fit of rage, Mrs World decrowned and seized the Crown from Mrs. Sri Lanka’s head.

But what’s even more bewildering is that Mrs. Sri Lanka was injured while being decrowned as this drama scene was unfolding on Live tv. The notorious crown snatcher is none other than Caroline Jurie, the 2019 Mrs. World winner.

The fact that she snatched the crown from her successor makes sense but it sure was a pretty ugly way to express her emotions. The reason behind Mrs. World’s behaviour was her accusation that Pushpika de Silva was divorced and was hence unqualified for the competition. This is the most ladylike catfight we’ve seen that actually led to something as serious as injury and arrest.

Watch the entire scene in this viral video:

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