Monsoon Special: 5 Snacks That Are Perfect Companions For Rainy Season

It’s that time of year again; monsoon season, our favourite season, is here! You can hear the pitter-patter on your window panes, smell the sweet scent of rain-soaked mud, and feel the pleasant nip in the air. A roasted bhutta is another favourite during the monsoon, when our cravings for pakoras and kachoris are at an all-time high.

To put it another way, something about rainy evenings will always feel lacking without crispy snacks and tea. We have some great suggestions for savoury vegetarian meals to make your evenings special. 

Here are 5 Monsoon Special choices that will make you salivate:

1. Cutting Chai

The traditional ginger or masala tea is the ideal beverage to sip on during the chilly wet weather. No other beverage compares to this one when it comes to the monsoon, and whether you are inside a building or out on the streets, the combination of rain and tea is sure to lift your spirits and make you feel quite at ease.

2. Bhajiya or Pakoras 

Ah! It is amazing to eat sizzling hot pakoras or bhajiyas outside when the clouds are dumping rain over the city. The chutneys and hot fried chilies that come with it add to the whole enjoyment. To get the whole monsoon experience, pair this with some “Cutting Chai.”

3. Samosas 

We all yearn for yet more hot, crunchy treat during the rainy season. If you eat these spicy food pockets while getting drenched in the rain, your senses will be stimulated and your mood will be lifted. Bring plenty of fried chilies and hot chutney with you so you may have an unforgettable experience.

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4. Bhutta 

Simply maize sticks roasted over a traditional coal fire to give them a burned flavour called bhutta. To combine all the flavours, a tangy masala composed of black pepper, salt, red chilli powder, and lemon juice is then sprinkled on top. It’s worth it to experience the sensation of eating this hot bhutta in the rain.

5. Vada Pav

The best thing to eat during the monsoon is this typical Mumbai snack, if not THE best. To offer you an all-around spicy feeling, the hot vadas are presented stuffed in soft pavs with hot chutneys.

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