Monsoon Grooming Hacks for your Furry Pets

A good pet parent treats their doggos and cattos to regular spa treatments.

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It’s been raining incessantly this monsoon. All the ‘Earth is Healing’ conundrum aside, things are looking very moist, closeted, and wet indoors. It’s hard to take your pets out for a walk, for a bit of sunshine and some fresh air. Living in high-rise apartments in crowded cities can be hard on your pets especially if they have thick fur coats. Dogs and Cats with an abundant fur cover need regular pet grooming sessions.

Dog Grooming tips for the monsoon

Dog Grooming tips for the monsoon

Here’s a grooming checklist for pet parents to keep your furry babies clean, tick-free, and smelling nice for the indoors.

Clear out the Crunch

pet grooming clear the crunch

Pedigree dogs and exotic cats need daily brushing to get rid of crunch. Pets tend to drool all over their fur. They also like to roll around in water puddles, even the smallest one in your kitchen or bathroom. To ensure their fur is untangled and dry, you need to brush off knots, matting, and the ‘crunch’ common for pets with extra-long fur. Crunch can smell if left unattended to. Your Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, or even your adorable Persian Cat needs its well-deserved Dematting, Deshedding spa treatment, and a regular coat cut to clear out the crunch.

Get those pawdicures sorted

dog pawdicure

Your pets’ talons tend to grow out extra fast, especially if they are mostly indoors and walk around on tiled surfaces. Unclipped nails can be very uncomfortable for them to walk and run indoors. Pets usually have a tremendous amount of energy and love to do zoomies when they get excited about welcoming you indoors and about treats. Unclipped nails can hurt and cause injury. Also, dogs tend to grow out their paw fur which can be a breeding ground for ticks in between their toenails. Take them out for nail clipping and grinding, and for a paw pad shave to make those toe beans looking shiny and dapper.

Let that fur breathe easy indoors

dog fur

When its raining incessantly, the indoors can get incredibly moist and mouldy. Fur babies can catch allergies and infections when its too damp and cool indoors. You need to ensure that they are clean, dry, and so is their spot where they usually lie sprawled. Dog breeds like Huskies and Shih Tzu’s need bi-weekly or monthly blow dry treatments to be clean, dry, and comfortable on any good rainy day.

Let them pick their toys

pet grooming dog toys

Pets love toys, but they love picking out their own toys more. With all the movement restrictions in place added to the downpour of rains and flooding everywhere, pets can get very bored at home. They need fun toys to keep them busy otherwise all that pent-up energy can make them very anxious. Take your pets out on a shopping trip to pick out their own toys. Give them a few options to sniff and let them decide the squishiest, chewiest toys. It’s a great way to break the monotony of the indoors.

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