Mimi Review: An Unusual Story Of Motherhood


Mimi stars Kriti Sanon as an aspiring actress from a Rajasthani hamlet who is cast in an entirely different job as a surrogate for an American couple. Mimi (Sanon) agrees despite her reservations, enticed by the prospect of money and the assurance that she will regain her slender figure following the birth.

Summer and John have a go-between in the form of Bhanu, a rental car driver who initially misunderstands their talk about “young and healthy girls”. Following an explanation of surrogacy for the benefit of Bhanu and viewers hiding beneath rocks, Bhanu understand the real meaning. Laxman Utekar’s film addresses the problem that arises when the couple is forced to leave the swollen-bellied Mimi and fly to America due to unforeseen circumstances.

The 133-minute film is a lighter and spiffier version of Samruddhi Porey’s Mala Aai Vhhahcyay!, which is available on Netflix and Jio Cinemas (2011). The Marathi film had lower production qualities, more melodrama, and less competent performances. However, it managed to portray the surrogate’s relationship with her employers more accurately.

Mimi and her family reside in a property that looks like a boutique hotel.

But her bedroom defies her claims of being broke. The difference between the underprivileged women who rent out their wombs in real life and their wealthier clientele is unnoticeable. All thanks to Sanon’s flawlessly paired threads and flawless make-up.

In this homage to motherhood, certain components of the larger ethical issue around surrogacy persist.

While Kriti Sanon provides the spark, Pankaj Tripathi as the humorous and genial Bhanu is a warm and welcome presence. As Mimi’s faithful buddy Shama, Sai Tamhankar is underutilized. Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa are present to help round and bring a lighter note. However, despite the additions and accouterments, it is nonetheless light on the more disturbing aspects of surrogacy.

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