Mika Singh Gatecrashes A Wedding With Rahul Vaidya, Surprises The Guests

Mika Singh

Mika Singh, a Punjabi musician from Bollywood, recently gatecrashed a wedding alongside his close buddy Rahul Vaidya. The musician recently uploaded a video in which he can be seen surprising the attendees present at the event. 

In the footage, Mika Singh was seen gatecrashing the wedding and coming towards the stage in extremely casual dress. 

The wedding vocalist, as well as the other guests, were in total surprise when he walked onto the platform. The singer then took the mic from the other singer and began singing Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, one of his most popular songs.

Mika Singh stunned spectators when he and his friend and Bigg Boss 14 participant Rahul Vaidya gatecrashed a wedding. 

Check out the posted of Mika Singh’s latest track:

This was, without a doubt, the best surprise for the guests as well as the bride and husband. 

The musician himself uploaded the video of him gatecrashing a wedding.

“How would you respond if King Mika Singh gatecrashed your wedding?” he said on his Instagram account. When @mikasingh appeared out of nowhere and started singing his classic “saawan mein lag gayi aag,” everyone was taken aback. Mika Singh is all about setting new trends, after all! 

The cherry on top was @rahulvaidyarkv’s appearance with Mika. That’s what friendship is all about: constantly being there for you in the midst of your crazy!

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“Wedding crash kar ne aaya hoon, uninvited,” he stated after his performance. “But I hope you guys enjoyed (I gatecrashed the wedding, uninvited. However, I hope you all had a good time).” 

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Mika Singh complimented the wedding function performer, saying, “I just saw this girl (the singer), she’s gorgeous. Your singing is excellent. Main isko abhi Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa pe mila tha, maine socha main hi bol du!” 

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