Meet the real Zeenat Aman – Courtesy Instagram

zeenat aman

Zeenat Aman, a name lost in time but a soul as old as time. This ‘Bollywood bombshell’ from a lifetime ago has resurfaced again. And this time, the world is witnessing the real Zeenat Aman. Not the superficial image of herself the world of cinema had you believe. And somehow people can’t get over the fact that she has turned out to be a vivacious, fiercely feminine, deeply intellectual human underneath all that glitz and glamour that had shrouded her persona for an era gone by. predictable! Somehow it’s always a surprise for people to find out that beautiful women have minds. Tsk tsk.

A ‘gram like no other – Zeenat Aman is gorgeous inside and out

Zeenat Aman is giving self-proclaimed ‘insta influencers’ a run for their money. Her posts exude confidence, exuberance, and conviction of thought. Anything she puts up on her Instagram is accompanied by a caption that reflects her wisdom, wit, and deep intellect. This much is clear to us now.. Zeenat Aman is like the sage who lived a life entrenched deep in the mortal world but who kept her soul far away from all the grossness of her world, unattached, pristine, and pure.

A legendary actress who’s seen it all and couldn’t be bothered

Its evident that having been in the thick of things, Zeenat Aman has probably seen the worst of men and women and has managed to safeguard herself, successfully extricating herself from the title of being a ‘sex symbol’ and coming back to her true self. Even after living a life of stardom, she is clearly a humble person who has her priorities sorted to the T. And she couldn’t be bothered to school or advocate, campaign for, or really champion for any cause. Because all she has ever wanted was to zen out in peace, and live a life of deep meaning once she was out the door.

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