Marvel Studio’s Eternals Final Trailer Breakdown

Marvel Studio's Eternals Final Trailer Breakdown

Marvel has released the final trailer for Eternals making the fandom go absolutely go crazy over it. Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially expanded its horizons by bringing these characters into Phase 4. The previous two trailers were beautifully done. This trailer was undoubtedly soothing and just stunning. Marvel dropped the trailer earlier today. This brand new and final trailer came along with an amazing poster for all the fans.

Breaking down Eternals Trailer

Ikaris and Ajax

The trailer kicks off with a conversation between Ikaris and Ajax about Thanos and how he wiped off half of the universe. They also spoke about the Avengers who brought them all back to life. The snap which brought back everyone erased by Thanos created the energy needed to start Emergence. We still aren’t aware of what the emergence is. Apparently, it’s about Deviants coming back. As many comic fans know, Deviants are historical enemies of the Eternals.

Who are Eternals?

The next few seconds were a treat to the eyes. It involved rushing water trying to submerge the rocky land. Beautiful cinematography was seen. They said they have seven days. We have an idea that this movie takes place within these 7 days. But it will involve a lot of flashbacks too. The latter part shows us who the Eternals are. Celestials created them and they came here around 7000 years ago to protect humans from Deviants. This is the first look at deviants that we have got. Although, they look very different from the comics. Ikaris taking down the event with his power is one of the coolest shots in the trailer.


Dane Whitman played by Kit Harington has a conversation with Sersi who is played by Gemma Chan about the question we all had. Where were Eternals when Thanos wiped off half of the universe? They were instructed to not involve themselves in Human Conflict unless Deviants were involved. When asked who instructed, we get a shot of Arishem, one of the celestials who is responsible for the creation of Eternals. There might be a scope of having a love triangle here.

Time to get Back Together

Ikaris says that they need to get back everyone together. Now we get pretty good shots of other characters in the movie. We have got a Drug that might be one of the antagonists of this movie. Sprite is a character who is actually an adult in a child’s body. Angelina Jolie looks stunning in her character Thena. Marvel also adds humour to this trailer, something which they always do. Phastos powers are shown in this trailer too.

There is a shot that we saw earlier in the teaser, of all the Eternals together and it is pretty great. The next part of the trailer was visually appealing. The powers of these characters are shown. Dane Whitman’s next shot along with Sprite was beautifully done and the way the bus turns into rose petals is visually very appealing. We also get Kingo in action and we also get a look at another character who might be another celestial too. Then there are shots of the Eternals in action.

A few dialogues in this trailer have touched our hearts. There is a scene between Kro and Thena and we need to see what kind of relationship they hold. Is it similar to the comics or different, only Marvel can tell. He is the leader of the deviants and might be one of the main villains of this movie. The trailer ends with a funny scene. Watch the trailer to figure out what made this comic scene tick, especially Ikea Lovers! The Eternals Trailer was amazing, had a good screenplay, and the right amount of curiosity was built among fans. The movie is going to be out on November 5th.

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