Marvel Has Its First Asian Superhero

Our New Asian Super hero tries to runaway from his past but is still entangled with his origin.

Shang Chi: MCU's First Asian Superhero

Finally, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a superhero with Asian Representation. The story revolves around Shang-Chi who is a master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based wushu styles, including the use of the gun, nunchaku, and Jian. Early on Friday, Marvel studios dropped 2 mins trailer of Shang- Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. Just like any other superhero in the universe, he has family issues mainly Daddy issues here. Shang Chi’s father Wenwu wants his son to inherit the rings but that’s not what Shang- Chi desires. Shang- Chi mother is played by Michelle Yeoh who is a renowned actress.

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What did Marvel show in the Trailer?

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The Shang-chi trailer starts with Wenwu  saying “Throughout my life, the Ten Rings gave our family power. If you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you’re strong enough to carry them.” While his mother says “ “You are a product of all who came before you. The legacy of your family. You are your mother. And whether you like it or not, you are also your father.” The tension between father and son is high as he sends his men to attack his own Blood. He dismisses his dad telling “ You are just a criminal who murders people.”

Marvel Took us by Complete surprise

Despite wanting to start a new life, Shang – Chi is unable to have it. Sometimes no matter what you can’t escape your past. The trailer shows combat between father and son. When fans thought that was it, Marvel surprises us all with ‘Abomination’ who last appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” . Overall MCU has given its best in this trailer. Cinematography, background story and the suspense created is on point. Look carefully and you will find Captain America’s shield in the trailer. If you find any other Easter eggs comment below!

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