Man In Rajasthan Sleeps For 300 Days In A Year Due To A Rare Disorder

Axis Hypersomnia

A man in the Nagaur district of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, sleeps for 300 days a year. He has been suffering from a rare disorder known as axis hypersomnia. Identified as Purkharam, he is dubbed the real-life “Kumbhakarna,” Ravan’s brother in Ramayana. Moreover, Kumbhakarna used to sleep for six months and eat for the next six months.

The regular sleep schedule for a human is 6-8 hours. However, Purkharam sleeps for twenty-five days at a stretch. Even after such a sleep schedule, he feels tired when awake. Additionally, he runs a small business in Bhadwa village. However, due to his sleep hours, he is able to run the shop only five days a month.

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Purkharam was diagnosed with this rare disorder 23 years ago. His conditions have worsened over the passing years. In the initial days of the disorder, he used to sleep for 15 hours at a stretch. Due to the worsening of his symptoms, he now sleeps for 25 days a stretch.

His family members have looked for medical treatment for his health. However, things do not seem to work for the 42-years old Purkharam. He says that he feels tired all the time. Moreover, he also says that he falls asleep even during work hours. Besides, he also complains of various symptoms like acute headaches. 

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During the time he is asleep, his family makes sure that he baths and feeds him. His wife and mother hope that Purkharam will get well soon and live everyday life and said that the disorder is just a matter of time. 

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About Axis Hypersomnia

The disorder that Purkhuram is going through is HPA Axis Hypersomnia. It is a very rare sleep disorder where the affected person bounds to sleep for long hours. This also affects their lifestyle and health conditions. 

Axis Hypersomnia is a type of hypersomnia that happens due to continuous fluctuations in the brain protein. The name of the protein is TNS-Alpha. 

Hypersomnia — Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments | Sleepopolis
Source: Sleepopolis

Hypersomnia can be caused due to primary or secondary reasons. The primary cause of hypersomnia is the problems in the brain systems that control sleep and waking functions. Besides, the secondary causes can be conditions that lead to insufficient sleep, frequent use of drugs and alcohol. Moreover, even head injuries can cause hypersomnia. 

Symptoms of hypersomnia include anxiety, irritation, severe headache, fatigue, restlessness, among many others. 

Besides, there is no fixed treatment for the disorder, and treatments can vary depending upon the cause of hypersomnia.

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