Maleesha Kharwa X Forest Essentials – A collab that screams ‘Women’s Empowerment’

Maleesha kharwa

Remember Maleesha Kharwa? Our very own ‘Pakistani Chaiwala’, the victorious one among the lower rungs of society. She is living proof of the modern day fairy tale, one that doesn’t involve a handsome prince. It’s the story of the empowered woman that’s unfolding everywhere, right from the slums of nowhere to the world of business. Maleesha Kharwa’s latest collaboration has truly sealed her success story.

Maleesha Kharwa – The face of Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials, a luxury ayurveda brand is known for its pricey but heavenly products. It might seem a bit absurd that in a country that’s the birthplace of ayurveda, one has to shell out big money for the age-old oils and potions that are commonplace in every Indian household. But Forest Essentials is special because of its founder’s story. A 45 year old woman in business, Mira Kulkarni took Forest Essentials to the big league of brands in a short span of time. And now Maleesha Kharwa will be the face of its ‘Yuvati Selection Programme’ that seeks to empower young girls by curating a set of special products for teenagers. If you ask us, it’s a collab made in ‘women’s empowerment heaven’.

The slum girl who made it in the big, bad world of modelling

Maleesha Kharwa was discovered at a slum by Robert Hoffman, who managed her, empowered her and guided her. She was featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s 26th Anniversary issue with influencers like Kusha Kapila and Sameera Reddy. The slum girl from Dharavi is now a model and her rise to success is truly inspiring. Her Instagram page has 236k followers where she posts wholesome content that reflects the child in her, the happiness, and zest she holds for life, irrespective of her humble background. We hope she is an inspiration to all the young women who believe that talent and hard work alone will help them achieve their dreams.

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