Maasai Community: Fascinating Facts You Must Know About

The Maasai Community is one of Kenya’s many tribes. It’s worth noting that the Maasa community live in both Kenya and Northern Tanzania. When it comes to communicating with other humans, most of us have the impression that tribes are unfriendly and dangerous communities. The times are gradually changing now.

Until recently, the Maasai Community were Kenya’s most powerful native tribe, and they have retained a significant portion of their traditions and way of life, distinguishing them from other Kenyan tribes.

They are commonly seen wearing their bright clothing, which varies according to sex, age, and location. The majority of them made Shkà clothing, which is a combination of red, blue, and green checked and striped clothes. A large number of them also have bald heads and, for the men, a “rungu” (club) in their hands.


They are calm and courageous

The Maasai Community have always been brave and calm. Moreover, used to be hunters, and their young men were taught to hunt for food and defend their homes.
Until recently, a Maasai boy could only be crowned a warrior if he single-handedly killed a lion with a spear.

Of course, this does not happen anymore as the protection of our valuable wildlife is paramount.

They drink cattle blood

One of the most interesting facts about the Maasai people has to be this.
The Maasai drink the raw blood of the cows and goats they slaughter, which is their main source of food, as odd as it may sound to some. The deed is honourable to them.

Blood was only drunk on rare occasions, such as when a woman gave birth or when a young man was circumcised. Although, nowadays, it can be taken whenever there is a slaughter.


They do not bury their dead

Maasai don’t hold traditional funeral services and believe that burial is bad for the environment. They believe that death is the final destination and that anyone who dies has “completed their journey.”

As a result, they take the dead body, smear it with animal blood or fat, and then throw it into the bushes for predators to consume. This is referred to as “Predator Burial” by some.

Maasai Community is fun-loving and joyful

The Maasai people love to dance and sing. If you’ll ever visit Nairobi National Park, you’ll encounter many Maasai people dancing to their traditional folk tunes.

Did you know you can go and live with the Maasai Community?

Now, you can visit and stay in Masai Mara! A village called Enkereri Village offers the best resort and a great location if you wish to experience their lifestyle. The village has a beautiful view of the world-famous Mara Conservancy game reserve, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Alternatively, stay in Ewangan Village, which is adjacent to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Living with the Maasai in these very unique homestay experiences – the first of their kind in the Masai Mara – will teach you about Maasai culture and traditions.

You’ll fall asleep to the lowing of cattle and the warm glow of the fire in a traditional Maasai hut, and wake up to the sound of the women milking the cows. You can also enjoy authentic food and traditional meals like Ugali. The cherry on the cake, prepare your food in open fir just like the Maasai people do!

For thousands of years, the Maasai have coexisted with their climate and wildlife. They do not tend to hurt any other human being. They are the most loveable African tribe you’ll find. So, if you get a chance to visit Kenyan, you must go and spend a day at Maasai Mara.

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