Indian Singers And Covid-19: Instagram and Fame During The Pandemic

Covid-19 Singers

India’s live music industry and local singers did suffer when the country went into lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. The road ahead was not going to be an easy one, and the singers were aware of the same. However, it is a common say that when God closes one door, He opens one.
We will peak into the stories of some of the singers from the country who shares their experience from the lockdown due to covid-19. Additionally, they also share how Instagram helped them reach the audience and many more exciting things.

How Instagram Changed The Lives Of Some Singers During Covid-19

Tarun Balani, a drummer, composer, and composer from India’s capital city, Delhi, shares how Instagram has changed his life. Tarun says that his social media posts have helped the audience to connect to him. Moreover, telling about one of his experiences after a concert, he shares how someone came to meet him just because of his post.

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Mansa, who belongs to Nainital, Uttarakhand, is a singer and a songwriter. Narrating her story from the start, Mansa says that it was difficult when the government announced the lockdown. And she was confused about what lied ahead. However, she then switched to posting her singing videos on social media sites, especially Instagram.

Mansa is working as a band member, and her other band members belong to the southern part of the country. She adds that they successfully launched their first album during the pandemic. Mansa met her band members through Instagram, and they even released the first album through the same.

The third person to share her story is Mali from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is an independent singer and a songwriter. Additionally, she is also a composer. She shares how essential Instagram has become in her life and how it helped her to find her primary audience.

Another singer-songwriter who shares her singing story during the pandemic is Aishwarya Suresh Bindra. Aishwarya says that Instagram has helped her create her community and get prominent people to follow her music. Besides, she also shares that people also started listening to her opinions on daily events. However, Aishwarya also says that social media has the power to affect us mentally.

All these artists share that it is crucial to keep creating art and spread happiness in people’s lives. The real question that still stays is can social media platforms replace the actual stage? Feel free to share with us your views on the same.

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