Little Things Season 4: The Duo Finally Unites

Little Things Season 4

It’s time to say goodbye to Dhruv Vats (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya Kulkarni after five years and four seasons on the show (Mithila Palkar). Viewers have watched them grow from a carefree couple to a mature and a responsible partnership. So, what happened in Little Things Season 4?

Where did it all end?

Dhruv and Kavya had made critical decisions concerning work and life at the close of the third season, and they had gone in opposing paths. Kavya returned to Nagpur to be closer to her parents, while Dhruv accepted a job offer in Finland to work for a former classmate and friend, Sanket (Shiv Tandon).

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Season four begins 14 months later in Alleppey, Kerala, with the duo finally reuniting. The happy couple is full of joy to be together. However, the real world soon encroaches on their beautiful holiday as they travel to Munnar and then Kochi to celebrate Kavya’s 30th birthday. 

When they return to Mumbai, it’s back to business as they prepare to resume their previous routines. But, as they quickly discover, there is no way to go back in time. They encounter hurdles, which are all a part of growing up and progressing in life.

The Kulkarni’s, Ila (Navni Parihar) and Satish (Rishi Deshpande), and the Vats, Nadi (Loveleen Mishra) and Atul (Pawan Chopra), all drop by for a visit at the same time, bringing doubts about the marriage and the future once more. They are, nevertheless, delighted to see their children settled in Mumbai solely because their apartment has a balcony. 

Dhruv and Kavya eventually give in to the inevitable. The pair has been through a lot in the last few years, and they are about to encounter some difficulties in the final season. Since the series draws to a close, their resolve is bittersweet, as several of their goals and dreams remain unrealized.

Little Things Season 4

The eight-episode fourth season offers delightful tiny throwbacks to earlier seasons. For example, strolling the desolate streets of Mumbai in the early hours of the morning or picturing a completely different result to a confession to your lover. 

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Little Things is one of the first pioneers of the Indian web series. It is produced by Dice Media on YouTube and released in 2016. Since then, the OTT sector is flourishing, yet this ‘small’ show continues to appeal to the audience due to its authenticity.

Little Things closes on a ‘to be continued‘ note, implying that Dhruv and Kavya are not yet finished with us. 

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