LG Smartphones – Say Goodbye To The OG That Made Other Smartphones Look Dull

LG is leaving the smartphone market after failing to make a profit in any of the last five quarters. The business has now entered the ranks of companies like Blackberry, Palm, and Siemens. They were once the world’s largest smartphone brands. Even LG Smartphones used to be the best in their time.

When a business ceases innovating, it is often said that a brand dies. If you ask me, that was not the case with LG. LG company has consistently created some of the most unique cell phones and smartphones. 

Here are the top five most unique LG devices released over the years.

LG Flex

LG Smartphones
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In 2021, how about a curved smartphone? Then you should know that LG launched one in 2013 that was completely curved. Not just the sides of the show! The LG Flex is a curved smartphone that, as its name implies, offered flagship specs of the time and made a clear statement that phones should look a lot different than a candy bar.

Nexus 4

LG Smartphones
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LG produced many Nexus smartphones for Google. Although, my favourite was the Nexus 4, which had a small form factor, premium glass build quality, and Google’s stock Android OS. Even in 2021, the LG Nexus 4 appears to be a lot cooler and thinner. Moreover, it certainly gave the flagship smartphones a new direction, particularly in terms of design.


LG Smartphones
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The LG G5, the brand’s flagship offering, was another smartphone that stood out among the mundane smartphones in 2016. This phone allowed for easy battery replacement as well as the attachment of a variety of accessories that could transform the LG G5 into a completely different unit.


LG Smartphones
Credits – LG Newsroom

The LG G8X is a standard-looking smartphone with one notable exception. This system was released during the age of folding smartphones when LG offered a low-cost folding smartphone (without a folding display) with a dock that was powered by the primary smartphone. Use it as a stand-alone unit or dock it to get a much larger screen.

LG Wing 5G

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The LG Wing 5G was released only a few weeks ago, and it was the first smartphone to feature a dual-screen display. It had a swivelling secondary screen, which added a lot of niche use cases and made smartphones more fun.

LG has made a lot of contributions in shaping the smartphone industry. Moreover, it is sad to see the exit of this smart as it is one of the most popular ones.

LG may have declared that it is leaving the cell phone market, but its smartphones are still available from vendors. The company has vowed to include “OS and software updates in compliance with applicable regulations” as well as after-sales support for these phones. LG TONE Free and wireless Bluetooth speakers will be built and sold in the future, while current phones and tablet PCs will be available only while supplies last.

Nonetheless, LG makes some of the best appliances such as Smart TVs, home appliances etc. 

The existing customers need not worry as LG still has its customer service available online.

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