KGF Chapter 2 is here and we can’t keep calm!

kgf chapter 2 is here and we cant keep calm

With all the hype around KGF Chapter 2, when the news broke out that the teaser was finally releasing, it was hard to believe.

Honestly, it was tough enough having to dodge the many fan-made trailers and concept trailers that almost had us fooled (not really!)

But that little tweet by Hombale Films that read ‘KGF2 official teaser out now’ had us hyperventilating and feeling slightly disappointed. Because how much fiery build up can fit into a 2.5 min video? That’s right! Close to none!


Nevertheless, we jumped right on to YouTube to soak in every inch of the movie stills from the teaser. Let’s just say that KGF cannot disappoint.

Currently flagging at 150 mill views, the teaser has Rocky Bhai looking like the ‘God of Death’ himself raining havoc on his enemies’. Only this time, he’s bathed and groomed.

After going on a major killing spree right in the middle of a torturous death camp, looks like Rocky Bhai has to deal with the consequences of raking the wasp’s nest as he literally walks through fire untouched.

We see the much-awaited silhouette of Sanjay Dutt in this chapter and we know shit is about to get real when he unleashes a god almighty sword.

kgf chapter 2 sanjay dutt

And then of course we know trouble mounts when a saree clad Raveena Tandon walks across what looks like a parliament hall (the epitome of power play in the Indian political scenario apparently)

kgf chapter 2 raveena tandon ramika sen

But we’re happy Raveena is finally coming into her true power instead of staying written off as “Bollywood’s yesteryear symbol of sexiness way past her prime”.

There’s also loads of indecent carnage like when a suited-up Yash blasts a line of police cars off the ground in true Rambo style.

kgf chapter 2 rocky police station

Years of tolerating cheesy, flashy, and almost silly cinematography coming from mainstream Indian cinema, we’re so glad that we can expect ominous, artistic picturisation from movies like KGF.

We hadn’t even recovered fully from the earth-shattering phenomena that was KGF 1 and we don’t know whether we’re blessed or if its too good to be true that the next chapter is already here.

With all the uncertainty around Sanjay Dutt’s health, it is a surprise that the trailer is not far away, and a possible release as well. Cheers to that!

It seems we will soon be treated to KGF Chapter 2 and hopefully it will be a ‘gape-mouth, wide-eyed experience once again.

As per Hombale Films Tweet , KGF Chapter 2 Movie is set to release on April 14 , 2022. The Tweet was Retweeted By Director Prashanth Neel and Rocking Star Yash.

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Update: KGF2 Trailer in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi was launched at the trailer launch event on 27 March hosted by Karan Johar.