Kerala Government Asks Male Employees To Sign A No-Dowry Declaration

Kerala Government

The Kerala government has issued a circular directing all male employees to sign an undertaking form. It will indicate that they will neither advocate nor accept dowry upon marriage in order to create a tougher condition against dowry. Within one month of their marriage, they must submit the declaration form to their heads of department. It must also be signed by the employee’s wife, father, and father-in-law.

The circular was published on July 16. The Women and Child Development Department released it. Moreover, they are in charge of administering and coordinating operations connected to dowry prohibition throughout the state.

According to the Kerala Dowry Prohibition (Amendment) Rules, 2021, the State Women and Child Development Director, who is also the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer, has asked department heads to obtain and maintain declarations from government employees that they have not asked for, taken, or exhorted the receipt of dowry.

The aforementioned declaration form is directed to all Department Heads, including private, autonomous organisations, and other institutions. 

The heads of departments are also instructed to create a report on all declarations. This will be sent to the District Dowry Prohibition Officer once every six months. Additionally, before April 10 and October 10 of each year.

Kerala Government

Additionally, the Kerala government has declared November 26 to be Dowry Prohibition Day in the state.

In a general assembly at the institution on Dowry Prohibition, all students in high schools, higher secondary and vocational higher secondary schools, colleges (technical, non-technical, and so on) and other educational institutions in the State should accept a vow not to offer or take dowry.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said earlier this month that students must sign a bond proclaiming that they will not take dowry. That too, when applying for college and before earning their diploma. 

On July 16, Governor Khan made the idea at a meeting with a group of university vice-chancellors in Kochi.

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