Kashmiri Cuisine: Paradise On A Plate That You Must Experience

Kashmiri Cuisine

The issue of Kashmiri Pandits fleeing the Bollywood film ‘Kashmir Files’ is being debated once more. The film is receiving a lot of positive feedback. The film recounts the agony of the Kashmiri Pandit slaughter in 1990 and the subsequent flight. Today, let us tell you how the Kashmiri Pandits’ way of like their Kashmiri Cuisine.

Kabarga, kofta, methi Chaman (cheese), rogan josh, sweet tur dal, dum aloo, sour curry, and plain boiled rice are on most Kashmiri Pandits’ menus.

Kashmiri Pandits are the state of Jammu and Kashmir’s oldest residents. These Kashmiri Pandits, on the other hand, today live all throughout the country. The Hindus of Kashmir have their own ethnic culture. It characterises their way of life and the food they eat.

Check out these famous dishes from Kashmiri Cuisine.

1. Mutton Rogan Josh

Meat is cooked with browned onions, spices, and yoghurt in one of Kashmir’s hallmark curries. The dish takes on a stunning red colour because of the extensive use of Kashmiri red chillies. The Mughals were the first to bring rogan josh to Kashmir.

Kashmiri Cuisine

2. Kashmiri Saag

This is the ultimate winter recipe! This warm, comforting recipe takes only 6 ingredients and 20 minutes to prepare on a chilly winter night. Kashmiri saag, cooked in mustard oil, goes well with Makki ki roti.

Kashmiri Cuisine

3. Nadroo Yakhni

Yakhni is a famous Kashmiri curry that contains with yoghurt, and this variation includes a crunchy lotus stem. It’s made with cardamom, ginger, and bay leaves, and it’s finished with thick curd.

4. Kashmiri Yakhni Pulao

This Kashmiri meal contains rice, chicken, and a variety of Indian spices. This pulao dish is ideal for serving at family gatherings and other special occasions.

5. Kashmiri Rajma

Rajma, or kidney beans, is a common meal in North Indian households, usually served with boiled rice. This rajma recipe is flavorful and spicy, making it an excellent lunch or dinner dish.

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Kashmiri Cuisine

6. Haakh & Monj’e Haakh

To a Kashmiri, “Haakh te batt’e” is equivalent to “Dal Chawal” to someone from the plains. If Rogan Josh is the king of Kashmiri cuisine, Haakh is the queen.

Steamed asafoetida and whole red or green chillies with collard greens (Haakh) and Knol Khol (Monje Haakh). It goes with every opulent dinner and every economical meal consumed daily.

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