Kantara – Movie Teaser featuring Mangalore Kambala by Hombale films


Mangalore has contributed several intriguing movies to the Kannada film industry. Don’t believe us? Read this article to find out! Yet again, there’s a brand-new spellbinding Kannada teaser for Kantara by Hombale Films. They’re the producers of the larger-than-life KGF movies.

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Movie featuring Tulunadu’s Kambala Buffalo races?

What stands out in the poster is the fascinating imagery of the iconic ‘Kambala’ buffalo races of Tulunadu. If you don’t know about Kambala, it’s a historic tradition of coastal Karnataka. You would have heard about Srinivas Gowda – the Kambala racer and Buffalo jockey from Udupi. He achieved overnight fame as the ‘Usain Bolt of Karnataka’ after beating his 100 m world record of 9.58 secs.

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Check out the official Teaser of Kantara here:

A mystery story about the ‘human vs. nature’ conflict

The teaser looks incredibly promising. And just like any other Kannada movie made in Mangalore, there are a lot of spooky, mysterious, dark elements. In fact, the name ‘Kantara’ is supposedly the story of a dense forest by the same name. The literal meaning of the word ‘Kantara’ also translates to ‘tough road’. The premise of the story surrounds some of the deep-rooted cultural and traditional symbolism from ‘Tulunadu‘.

Another Gem from Tulunadu

Starring Rishab Shetty, the movie is also directed by him and will release under the grand banner of Hombale Films. Looks like Mangalore gives yet another gem of a movie to the Kannada Film Industry yet again.

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