This Is How Jeff Bezos Fulfilled His Dream of Flying To Space

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, had a short journey to space on Tuesday, and the founder of Amazon was amazed by the Earth’s view from the same. In his short trip, Bezos was accompanied by his brother, Mark Bezos. Besides, he was also accompanied by an 18-year old college student and an 82-years old pioneer.

Talking about his experience after coming back, Jeff Bezos added that he was wonderstruck by the view of the Earth. He said, “It was beautiful. I can actually vouch for it.” He also shared about the view of the atmosphere. He added that while the atmosphere looks thick from the Earth, it is actually fragile when looked at from above.

He also said that it is a different experience to see the atmosphere through your own eyes altogether.

Wally Funk, the 82-years old who accompanied Jeff on his space trip, became the oldest astronaut to travel to space. Additionally, she said that all the passengers had a great time. Besides, Wally could not wait for enough for her next trip to space as well.

Additionally, it was the dream for Jeff to travel to space. And he fulfilled the same by the Blue Origin’s New Shepard space flight. It was the company’s first space flight with passengers in it.

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Jeff Bezos Thanks His Employees For The Trip; Received Backlash

Jeff Bezos

Besides, the crew did not forget to take some historical things with themselves on this 10-minutes short trip. They had souvenirs, including the piece of fabric from the first airplane developed by the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart’s pair of goggles, and many others.

The Ex-CEO of Amazon. Jeff Bezos had all appreciation for the engineering team of the rocket. He added that the members of the group were phenomenal, and they also play an integral part.

Additionally, a lot of people criticized Bezos’s trip to space. They said that the same money could help to raise the salary of the employees. Moreover, still, a large amount of money could be used to improve the Earth’s climatic conditions. However, Bezos said that we should consider moving all the heavy industry and polluting industry to space. According to him, this way, we would be able to keep the Earth a beautiful place.

Bezos also thanked all his employees for making his dream come true. However, this again received backlash from people saying that the company does not offer salaries to the employees on time and the employees work in terrible conditions.

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