Is it right to share intimate pictures of Jacqueline Fernandez?

Is it right to share intimate pictures of Jacqueline Fernandez?

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been in the news repeatedly. Her “intimate” photos were recently leaked in the press. And there has been a flurry of reports about her association with ‘Sukesh Chandrasekhar’. News about Bollywood celebrities is perceived as laughable and ‘trashy’. But is it right to publish and distribute personal photographs of a woman?

Leaked Hickey Photo

In the latest leaked photo to go viral, actor Jacqueline Fernandez is seen in bed with the man. A hickey is seen on her neck which is now fodder for hot gossip. And since we don’t want to come across as hypocrites, we won’t be sharing it here. Its in very bad taste to keep seeing it on news feeds. Its also very embarrassing and disrespectful for any woman, let alone a public personality. Also, its hard to believe people are interested to consume such malicious and gossipy news.

Who is Sukesh Chandrsekhar?

Sukesh Chandrsekhar is described as a ‘conman’. He is also the prime accused in a money laundering case worth ‘200 crore’. Its currently under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of India. Sukesh is currently lodged in Tihar jail. A number of cases around cheating, extortion, and money laundering were slapped on him and he is currently under trial for them.

Jacqueline breaks silence on the hickey photo

Jacqueline Fernandez has rightly broken her silence on the barrage of offensive and intrusive news being circulated about her personal life. On Instagram, she put out a statement. She requested the media to not circulate intrusive pictures and to stop invading her privacy at a time she describes as ‘difficult’. Check out the post on the jacqueline fernandez instagram.

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