International Women’s Day: Even Cargo, A Company For The Women

international women’s day

Saluting the change-makers this International Women’s Day.

Despite the increase in the need for delivery services in recent years, becoming a female delivery associate in India is nearly unheard of. 

The job is considered a male-dominated career because of the physical responsibilities that many connect it with, in addition to the safety risks they encounter. 

With the recent changes and development, the women in the logistics and transportation business now have a variety of opportunities that will not only boost their income but also their social, cultural, and educational achievements.

Yogesh Kumar began with one purpose in mind: to make public spaces safer for women. He began working on a company strategy that would precisely solve this predicament.

Even Cargo, an all-women delivery network, aims to encourage more women to pursue unorthodox careers like logistics. On the other hand, assisting them in reclaiming their public space. 

The company teaches women to ride two- or three-wheelers. Also, assists them in purchasing the vehicle, and hires them as dispatch riders for big e-commerce platforms.

The purpose of Even Cargo that made us proud:

  1. Women are gainfully employed in the formal sector, with plenty of prospects for advancement, which has a direct impact on female labour force participation. 
  1. Even cargo delivery females are entering a traditionally male-dominated field, and their presence shifts gender norms in the logistics industry. 
  1. These ladies are here because they have a reason to be in public settings. Also, they have bravely conquered the unknown on their delivery routes. Moreover, motivating both customers and other people they meet along the way.

Till today, Even Cargo has reached out to 5,000 women in five cities: Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Indore, and Nagpur. Moreover, it has recruited 145 women as delivery colleagues since 2016. 

Other than this, Employees at large e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart now have a consistent source of incomeg. It allows them to put their children through school, support their families, and pay for medical expenditures.

Now, this is a step that we all shall support and encourage all the women out there. This International women’s day, we celebrate the women who stepped out of their comfort zone and achieved what they wanted.

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