Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi’s Trailer Is Here. Watch Now!

The mind-blowing trailer for the investigative docuseries Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi, which centres on the notorious serial killer who leaves bodies and insulting notes outside a Delhi jail, is now available. On July 20, Netflix will debut the miniseries, which delves deeply into the case’s details.

The serial killer who killed victims severed their heads off, and even dumped the bodies at the gate of Tihar jail in the nation’s capital is described in the trailer. Also, he left a note for the police with the dead victims ridiculing them and urging them to apprehend him if they can. Additionally, we get to hear from some of the people who worked on the case about how they hadn’t witnessed such a horrible act in many years of service.

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Watch the trailer of Indian Predator here:

The thriller Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi appears to have promise. The series appears to follow the account of serial killer Chandrakant Jha. The one who killed the victims by decapitating their heads. Also, throwing their severed body parts in various sites of Delhi. Moreover, the creators have refrained from mentioning the genuine case it is based on. In 2013, the death penalty was announced for him.

Indian Predator

One city, one cold-blooded killer, and numerous horrible acts, according to the series’ official tagline. Get ready to witness the most terrifying, heart-pounding real crime narrative you’ve ever seen. Because evil is closer than you anticipated this time.

Indian Predator

“The non-fiction landscape in India is always expanding. Also, I am very glad to be a part of this to produce a gripping story.” Filmmaker Ayesha Sood said when asked about the whodunit. As a filmmaker, I strive to gain knowledge from every project I work on. Moreover, by understanding this one and the investigation that followed. Additionally, I was able to learn a lot about both the criminal justice system and human psychology. I’m excited to share through this Netflix docu-series.

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