Indian Pavilion At The Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 has started in Dubai, and the world’s most significant trade bash will continue till 31st March. Additionally, India has received some great attention at the Expo. A total of 192 countries are a part of this 6-month event.

PM Narendra Modi too shared some of the photos from the event. Moreover, in a video, he has also asked investors globally to invest in India. He has also requested them to visit the Indian Pavilion and share their experiences. Modi also said that this Expo 2020 would help the country strengthen relations with UAE and Dubai.

The Indian Pavilion sees a blend of technology and tradition, making the world look towards the country. Besides, one can even witness the historical Ram Mandir of Ayodhya in the India Pavilion at the Dubai Expo. India is looking forward to gathering the world’s attention at the most prominent commercial event and make investors arrive at the country to speed up its growth.

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Dubai Expo 2020 Is A Great Opportunity For India To Attract Investors

The Indian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo is also doing justice with the theme of the event, “connecting minds and creating the future.”

India’s Pavillion has shown great care to showcase some of its most significant contributions like its intensive literature, values, yoga, its art and culture, and lastly, its cuisines. Apart from this, the visitors will also look at India’s contribution to space and science.

According to Piyush Goyal, the current Textiles Minister, India has received one of the largest land plots for the Pavilion. Additionally, a floor in the Pavilion shows the opportunities in India concerning business, trade, and commerce. In addition, viewers can also witness the achievements of Indian states and the things they are planning for the near future to make India a better nation.

A whopping Rs. Four hundred ninety crores have been spent on this Indian Pavilion at the Dubai expo. As per BVR Subrahmanyam, India looks at the Expo as an excellent opportunity to open its business. Moreover, he also considers that the Pavilion will be a great asset for the country.

Expo 2020

Various Indian festivals like Diwali, and Holi will fall during the months of this event. Hence, the government is also looking forward to celebrating these months at the Pavilion.

This could also prove to be a strategic move and can help India strengthen relations with the UAE, which has more than 30 lakh Indians working in the country. India is looking to boost its trade and commerce through the grand event.

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