Indian Matchmaking Trailer: 7 cringe quotes to look forward to in Season 2

Indian Matchmaking Trailer: 7 cringe quotes to look forward to in Season 2

Just when young Indians thought there was nothing more dysfunctional and sphincter-clenchingly (excuse the expression) cringy than arranged matchmaking, they had to go and make an entire Netflix series about it.

Funnily enough, Indian Matchmaking Season 1 was a hit and Sima Aunty, the embodiment of every intrusive aunty out there in the wild, became infamous for her unbelievably cringy quotes and nuggets of wisdom on marriage and relationships.

Now it looks like everyone who thought there couldn’t be a more cringier show is looking forward to Season 2. Indian matchmaking season 1 was pure entertainment for its hilariously serious take on brokering marriages between rich Indians and NRIs who can’t seem to get their s**t together.

Sima Aunty is back in business with a bang in the Season 2 Trailer:

Some of the most popular faces from Season 1 are back again in Season 2 like Nadia Jagessar and Aparna Shewakramani *eye-roll*. They still haven’t found spouses & Sima Aunty is determined to see their fairytales through to the end. Desi Twitter is bracing itself for a well-deserved meme fest after Sima Thaparia is seen being herself and throwing a few hilarious cringe quotes with business-like seriousness. Here are 7 of the best quotes from the cast to look forward to in Season 2.

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1. Matchmaking has became tough for me:

No shit Sherlock! Sima Aunty is of the opinion that matchmaking was easy in the past and is not anymore. Well, if she’s talking about the time when parents arranged weddings for their kids without proper consent, based solely on horoscopes and caste, its obviously tough now since people are constantly looking for themselves in a life partner. Surely an impossible task, no?

2. Some of my clients are still unmarried:

Sima Thaparia says that some of her long-term clients are still unmarried and we see some of the favourite contenders from Season 1. She says it like being unmarried is undignified and somehow its their own fault. Major cringe vibes!

3. They want everything:

Sima aunty complains that her clients want everything in a life partner. We can’t blame them, can we? Sima Aunty was being so cringy when she says it, it’s almost kinda cute & funny. *Sigh*

4. She would have to get along with my dog:

One of the participants on the show very pompously declares that the girl he wants to marry would have to get along with his dog. And although dog lovers would agree that that’s a fairly valid thing to ask for, we couldn’t help but go ’pfft’ at the whole thing.

5. I’m ovo-lacto-semi-vegetarian:

If you thought being Vegan or a pescetarian was pretty intense, nothing can prepare you for this declaration. No wonder Sima Aunty blankly stares at the impossible task ahead of her.

6. You have to adjust a little, then the life becomes beautiful and smooth:

In classic Sima Aunty style, we are initiated into yet another pearl of wisdom. We have to admit, she means well. But the way she puts her point across so annoyingly resembles every curious relative we meet at Indian weddings.

7. I’m just a person who God has sent me to match you all!

There, she said it! All hail Sima Aunty!! She knows her life mission and we can’t help but feel proud of her.

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