Indian Matchmaking S3: Are Viral & Aashay still together?

Indian Matchmaking

Sima aunty is the goddess of arranged marriages. Strangely she hasn’t been able to match a single confused desi NRI on the infamous Netflix Series Indian matchmaking. Like the annoying aunty who shows up at every wedding with the same old ancient mentality, this Netflix series won’t stop returning with more existentially confused Indians who resorted to choose their ultimate matchmaker in the great Sima Thaparia.

Sima Aunty has failed to match literally anyone – Does she still deserve her very own Netflix series?

We’ve been through 3 seasons of this cra..zy show. And we were yet to see any of the rich Indians and NRIs find the “partner” of their fantasies. Isn’t that a bit odd for a celebrity matchmaker who is no doubt charging a bang of a buck from her high-profile clientele? With such a poor success rate, we deserve to ask the question, ‘Does Sima Aunty really deserve her own Netflix show?’

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A Fairy Tale Arranged Marriage

We Indians are insufferable romantics, thanks to Bollywood. We want perfect arranged marriages that tick all the boxes on our insanely long and difficult set of criteria. Honestly, we want to get off seeing a romantic arranged marriage match, if that makes any sense. And finally, comes along one couple who look like the fairy tale we’ve been waiting for – Viral and Aashay. Ambitious, rich, good-looking, and sweethearts at best, Sima Aunty seems to have hit the nail on the head for once in a goddamn season. The perfect Arranged Marriage romance has finally brewed this season. Meeting parents, buying diamonds kinda romance.

Will Viral and Aashay break up or not?

We’ve been doing double takes, hoping and praying that this happy couple doesn’t break up and makes it to the altar. But you can never tell with these Indian Matchmaking contestants, one morning somebody wakes up and decides they don’t like their match’s nose or the way they breathe, maybe? Anyway Viral and Aashay didn’t stumble, not even through a very awkward meet with Aashay’s parents. So far so good, they haven’t broken up yet.

Viral and Aashay might have broken up.

At the end of the day, the participants featured on Indian Matchmaking are a part of a reality show. And a reality show is often very far from reality. All the contestants have been elevated to a celebrity status, especially Viral and Aashay. Check their Instagram.

Anyway, in terrible but predictable news for the audience who was even remotely invested in this promising couple, there seems to be an update that Viral Joshi shared on her Instagram about the ‘Burning Question’ everyone is very keen on asking. Did they make it to the altar or not? Looks like they aren’t together anymore from the looks of this very sad, tear-jerking post she recently shared on her Instagram. Take a look for yourself.

Indian Matchmaking – Never fails to disappoint

Indian Matchmaking has disappointed us time and time again with the regressive beliefs, views, and opinions casually thrown around each season. You could say we always expect a healthy dose of disappointment in every episode. So we recovered fairly quickly from this heartbreaking news. Here’s to more binge-watching this messed up series.

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