Indian Matchmaking S2: Here’s How Much Sima Taparia Charges For Her Services!

Indian Matchmaking S2: Here’s How Much Sima Taparia Charges For Her Services

If you watched Season 1 of “Indian Matchmaking,” you might have seen Sima Taparia, the show’s matchmaker, in action. She’s back with Indian Matchmaking S2! The intrepid matchmaker from Mumbai ventures to far lands not only to meet her clients and comprehend their needs but also to locate them as their ideal match.

Even though the fact that none of the pairings Sima Aunty set up on the Netflix show held up over time is a whole other story, it did little to lessen the demand for her matchmaking services and abilities. Following their viewing of the Netflix series, many Indian parents and even young children started seeking Sima Aunty’s assistance in choosing a life spouse.

You can be sure that as season 2 is here, demand for Sima Aunty’s matchmaking and roasting abilities are on fire. If you’re interested in an Indian wedding and want Sima Aunty to assist you in finding your “better half,” be prepared to fork over a significant sum of money. Sima Aunty’s fees are best described as being comparable to those of a matchmaker.

Here’s how much Sima from Mumbai charges for her services *drumroll please*

Sima Aunty’s fees range from a whooping 100,000 to 500,000 Indian rupees, or $1,330 to $8,000. So, be ready to spend a hefty buck if you’re also eager to test the Indian wedding waters. Also, only if you want her to help you find your “better half”! 😉

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But what’s in Sima Taparia’s Matchmaking services? 

Sima Taparia’s services cost between $1,330 to $8,000! Her website is here, and you may use it to hire her. If you’re curious about the high cost of the service, her website states everything that’s in the package. It all starts with gathering information and papers that are pertinent to you. Afterwards, registering you as a matchmaking service member. Sima and her staff will then narrow down the matches in accordance with your lifestyle and interests. Before presenting the offers to the families for approval, comparisons of horoscopes are also there.

Once a match is acceptable by both families, a meeting is set. To guarantee smooth coordination, a representative from Sima Taparia’s matchmaking service attends the meeting. After the meeting, the results are shared with both families.

Also, Indian Matchmaking S2 is now available on Netflix. 

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