Indian Brand Campaigns That Are Keeping Us Sane And Entertained During Pandemic

Indian Brand Campaigns

There’s no hiding that Indian brand campaigns have become new and innovative with their advertising methods. Some of the brands are using exceptional actors with their amazing acting skills to make their brand awareness reach a wider scale of audience. Moreover, it is becoming successful.

Recently, we saw Cred’s advertisement in which Rahul Dravid’s never seen side was shown and everyone went crazy with the idea of ‘Indiranagar ka Gunda hu mein!”

The idea behind these campaigns is of course to increase more brand awareness but, the creativity and quirkiness behind these ads are reaching the hearts of the audience. However, in these unprecedented times, this has been a go-to for most of the people around.

Indian Brand Campaigns

Let’s look at some Indian brand campaigns which we all enjoyed-

Pankaj Tripathi as a face of Bharat

In an advertisement, he kindly advised a mother to feed her son ‘atta biskoot’ (Britannia Milk Bikis) rather than ‘maida’ biscuits (dig at Parle-G). Tripathi also played the role of retailer in which he assisted other retailers in joining the B2B e-commerce app Udaan to increase their sales. In another commercial, Tripathi aided his father in enjoying ‘aloo puri’ at home rather than going out by ensuring that all of his medical needs were fulfilled with the help of the 1mg app. (1mg is a well-known online pharmacy.)

In the new Nilon’s campaign, Pankaj Tripathi portrays a good-hearted gangster who loves cooking. He uses his culinary skills and passion to elude the cops, obtain intelligence from a captured competitor. It spreads out a message ‘Isme Pyaar Mila hai’ after each film.

Bhima Jewellery’s latest campaign on Transwoman

The film depicts the journey of a trans-woman and her tale of acceptance into an otherwise hetero-normative role. Also, it showcases the social construct of a young woman growing up and getting married. This was conceptualised by ANIMAL and created by Ransom Film for Bhima Jewellery.

Paytm shatters other online platforms because of their slow processing

This time also, Paytm cleverly played as the boss with its advertisements. With each advertisement, it presents how other platforms are slow with processing Paytm while Paytm is fast and quick. Taking a dig at other brands is not so easy!

McDonald’s campaign themed as Just can’t get enough.

The brand has released two quirky TVCs featuring Mandanna, who can be seen enjoying the all-new McSpicy Fried Chicken with friends and family as part of the latest campaign. The commercials demonstrate that eating something other than McSpicy Fried Chicken is absurd and that you will never get enough of it, no matter how many you have.

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