Independence Week 2022: 5 Movies To Binge Watch This Week

Independence Week 2022: 5 Movies To Binge Watch This Week

India celebrated its 75th Independence day a few days back. A day to remember what our ancestors had gone through during British rule. This year with the new concept of “Har Ghar Tiranga” we can see our national flag standing high in every household. Movies are also one of the ways to evoke patriotism in our hearts. There are so many Bollywood movies that remind us to be proud of our roots. So here are 5 movies to Binge Watch This week on the occasion of Independence Day 2022.

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1. Laagan

This is one of the most evergreen movies which reminds us when we think about Independence. Amir Khan starred movie shows us how cricket united the people from the village against the Britishers. The bargain was if they won against the Britishers they had the liberty not to pay tax for almost the next 3 years. The movie was released in 2001. A sweet way to spend Independence day 2022.

2. Rang de Basanti

This movie is simply brilliant and has captured the essence of patriotism in a perfect way. The story revolves around freedom fighters Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, Ashfaqulla Khan, and Ram Prasad Bismil. But they have portrayed the story in an innovative manner. The movie has also won national awards as well.

3. 83

World Cup of 1983 is something every Indian being a cricket fan or not will always remember. This helped the Indian Cricket team to establish their mark in world cricket. The casting of this movie is beyond remarkable. The acting, background score, and cinematography are brilliant. A perfect movie for all cricket fans.

4. Chak De! India

This blockbuster is about the Indian Women’s hockey team. It’s a story of their struggle and about their coach too. The coach is none other than Sharukh Khan who had been labeled as someone who betrayed the country. In the process of helping the Indian Women’s team win the trophy, he gets to prove his loyalty.

5. Raazi

The song “Ye Watan” from this movie gives everyone goosebumps. The story is about an Indian woman who is also an undercover RAW agent. She gets married to Pakistan military officer. But there comes a situation where she has to choose between her country and her husband. The movie is extremely moving and the acting is brilliant too

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