How to make $50,000 from your farts: 101 – by Stephanie Matto

How to make $50,000 from your farts: 101 - by Stephanie Matto

In the most bizarre piece of news that recently went viral, a pretty woman claimed to have made $50000 (Rs 32 Lakhs) from selling her own farts in a jar. Although it sounded utterly ridiculous and downright fake, a lot of questions naturally arose in the minds of everyone reading about this.

A, how is this even possible? B, what kind of imbeciles actually paid for this product? And C, is this even true? Anyway, now it looks like this disgusting business pursuit of one Miss Stephanie Matto seems to have backfired. Turns out, this is a true story according to NY Post and the woman behind it had an emergency room scare from forcing her body to produce too much gas. But before we get to the specifics, lets find out who Stephanie Matto is:

Who is Stephanie Matto?

Stephanie from 90 day fiance is a 31 year old ‘Reality TV star’ who appeared in the show ’90 day Fiance’. She made headlines recently when a video of her claiming to make more than $50,000 (INR 32 Lakhs ) a week by selling her own ‘farts in a jar’ went viral. Stephanie is a resident of Connecticut who has authored books, has founded an ‘X-rated subscription platform called Unfiltrd’ and also has a YouTube channel of her own. The Stephanie Matto OnlyFans account is also quite popular.

How to make money selling farts

Stephanie Matto switched to a ‘steady diet of gas-inducing beans and eggs’ to fuel her business venture. A more disgusting fact is that Stephanie even resorted to relying heavily on protein shakes to make her farts more pungent. (Yuck!) She even binged on protein muffins, shakes, hard-boiled eggs, black-been salad, onion-ham-and-pepper omelettes.

Unfortunately, Stephanie had to rush to the ER due to an explosive buildup of gas in her chest which scarily mimicked a heart attack. And with that, her novel and frankly cringey business pursuit comes to an end. All we can say is, that was a turbulent end to a windy affair!

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