House Of The Dragon Premiere: Did the First Episode Meet Expectations?

House Of The Dragon Premiere: Did the First Episode Meet Expectations

House of The Dragon premiere was something most of us were waiting for this year. We were all waiting to see the Dragons fly high in the air. Also, the majestic Iron throne and bloodshed to claim it. Game of Thrones can be called the greatest show of all time. Every season had something new in store for the fans.

However, most fans feel the makers of the show disappointed them last season. But it’s a bit too early to judge the show by just watching the House of The Dragon premiere episode. The first episode seemed promising. We got to see all the first appearances of important characters from the show. No second comments about the casting. The cast is incredible and ideal for the show.

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Is the Game of Thrones Spin-Off Good Enough?

The prequel has set some expectations now after the premiere episode has been released. The cinematography and background score is good. In the end, we also get to hear the original background score of Game of Thrones. This is definitely a nostalgic moment. We get to see some violence which was pretty common in Game of Thrones. Dragons looked a bit different but it was majestic as ever. The entire episode was carried out very well. There were no parts that felt too fast or long-winded. Overall, great start to the new series. The episode 2 trailer looks promising too.

Last time we saw the Iron Throne was in the last season of Game of Thrones. We know that Drogon burnt down the entire Iron Throne after realizing that his mother is no more. There were few references to its sequel series as well in the first episode. This series is indeed a high-budget one and it clearly shows in its costumes and production value. The episode showed the plight of women as well. Maybe it was Rhaenys Targaryen who ended up to being Queen Who Never Was. Also how Aemma Arryn died while giving birth to the baby. But the episode ended on a good note when they named the new Heir to the Iron Throne.

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